Give yourself peace of mind with homeowners insurance, one of the most popular types of insurance policies you can purchase.
  • AUTO
    Car accidents happen every single day. Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in one.
    Being a landlord is not so easy. Landlord insurance is something that every landlord needs before ever renting a property.
Here's what our clients say...
  • Rex Henderson - Wasilla I have a boat in Whittier that was being pulled out of the water to have some work done on it by a contractor. My contractor did substantial damage and I had to file the claim file through my insurance. They had some question on my coverage, but through the Devery Prince Agency and his employees, they went to bat for me. Through about a month long effort, they were able to get my claim was paid, which was $28,000 and it was all due to Devery Prince Agency to make it all happen.
  • Kris Morgan - Anchorage As the owner/operator of a small, service-based business, I do not have time to worry about my insurance coverage. Devery Prince Insurance has consistently provided the insurance coverage we need, at a price we can afford. I really appreciate the friendly and personalized service we get. It keeps me coming back year after year.
  • Angie Black- Anchorage I used to have an insurance agent that wouldn't return calls, and I finally got fed up and called who my friends had recommended all along Devery Prince. I expected that moving my insurance was going to be a pain, but it was no pain at all - a couple of phone calls and a few signatures and they did all the work! I mean it when I say that Devery Prince Agency is outstanding!