Give yourself peace of mind with homeowners insurance, one of the most popular types of insurance policies you can purchase.
  • AUTO
    Car accidents happen every single day. Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in one.
    Being a landlord is not so easy. Landlord insurance is something that every landlord needs before ever renting a property.
Here's what our clients say...
  • Jeff N. Devery Prince helped me find the right coverage and I think his good work deserves recognition.
  • Linda Rivers
    Before I became a client at Devery Prince Agency, I had trouble getting a good quality car & house insurance and have questions answered. State Farm does not answer their phone! Now, my questions are always answered! This agency is user friendly, Devery Prince is a leader, and runs a smooth ship.
  • Kevin K I have had some bad luck in the past few years with damage occurring to my vehicles while they have been parked. The Devery Prince Agency has made sure that my claim was handled and the agents that I have worked with have gotten me a check for repairs quickly. Living in Nome, all I have to do is pick up the phone and in no time changes are made to my policy when I need to add or delete coverage on new or no longer owned vehicles. Excellent customer service!
  • Janet Williams They helped me review my car and home policies for the best coverage and best use of money spent. I have been happy with the service. Excellent people to work with. Friendly and helpful service!
  • Vriginia Fritz They have always been friendly and prompt, no matter if I have just a question, or a change to my policy or a claim. It feels great knowing that I can depend on my Allstate office to make things easier. I can't think of anywhere else that I have gotten better customer service.