Give yourself peace of mind with homeowners insurance, one of the most popular types of insurance policies you can purchase.
  • AUTO
    Car accidents happen every single day. Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in one.
    Being a landlord is not so easy. Landlord insurance is something that every landlord needs before ever renting a property.
Here's what our clients say...
  • Roy Scheller The staff have always been very helpful and responsive when I have questions about my policies or need to make changes.
  • William Peters I am very pleased with the services.
  • Jenica Magdas Hello, I have had a very good experience with Allstate for more than 14 years. It's easy to communicate via email for all the changes to my policy. Also, every time I call Devery Prince Agency I get the assistance and help I need without waiting on hold or talking with machines. I really appreciate your business Devery Prince Agency!
  • Douglas Townsend Awesome Service and attention to detail Thanks!!!
  • SANDRA FREY I have only needed Devery Prince Allstate's services twice in over 12 years, but both times Allstate and their staff have come through with flying colors! The first time I needed to make a claim was over 12 years ago and the way my claim was handle ensured my loyalty for the following 12 years. My 2nd claim was handled equally efficiently, and the kindness and consideration shown to me by Allstate's staff ensures my continuing loyalty. I have no need to go anywhere else for my insurance needs.